Ucopia Communications

Il Leader nella gestione di soluzioni per la mobilità e la protezione degli accessi alla rete

UCOPIA Communications provides access security and mobility management solutions on wireless and wired networks. These solutions, aimed towards small and large enterprises, hotels, educational establishments, hospitals or even administrations, allow remote mobile users to connect to the network in a convenient and secure manner in order to utilise business communication applications.


I numeri interessanti di UCOPIA :


>  4500 clienti

>  58 milioni di utenti connessi (2010)

>  600% di aumento degli accessi via smartphone


Fatturato in crescita del 35% - il doppio a livello internazionale (Europa, Paesi emergenti)


>  25% nel settore dell’ospitalità

>  120 % nelle imprese

>  10% nel settore pubblico (2010)







UCOPIA Communications markets its range of products and services based on a solid European channel consisting of several hundreds of integrators, network specialists, IP convergence and security experts, as well as specialising in business sectors (hospitality, education, small to large enterprises, etc.). Thanks to the expertise of these partners, UCOPIA can help and support its clients, whatever their industry sector and project complexity.







Moris Tomasini

Product Manager