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Access Point WiFi Indoor

Access Point WiFi velocissimi e affidabili. I sistemi WLAN di Ruckus uniscono potenza e semplicità nelle installazioni indoor su larga scala, insieme a tutte le funzionalità richieste.

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Wall-mounted 2x2:2 5GHz and 1x1:1 2.4GHz, 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi access point and wired 2 port switch.Ruckus H320

The H320 is designed for hospitality and habitation deployments such as hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) structures. The H320 is designed for easy installation over a standard wall outlet. 
Simply connect up to two wired devices with integrated
10/100 Ethernet ports and connect devices such as an
in-room printer or set top TV console.

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Lucio Gaffuri

Product Manager, UCC Solutions

+39 39 6072226